iOs app development

my name is david williams and quite simply i love working in mobile app development!

whether i'm working on character design, animations, user interface / user experience or coding, i love what i'm doing. check out some of my work and feel free to contact me if you have an idea for an app, if you're looking to collaborate or just want to chat. i look forward to hearing from you. 

Before any app is finalized and shipping it undergoes thorough testing by multiple users. The testing process often reveals differences in user expectations that ultimately lead to a more intuitive and user friendly app.

Our development process always starts by sketching out and wire framing what the app will do for the user, what needs the app will fill and how the user will interact with it.

Great graphics and great app ideas are no good at all if they aren't easy and intuitive to use. We are constantly re-iterating to get the best user experience possible. Our goal is that the user loves and enjoys using our apps.

User experience / ux

Our Development Process



We love the graphic design process! Our goal is to get a cohesive look throughout the entire app so that all of the navigation items, characters, labels, colors and objects all work together in harmony.

The coding life is so much fun! To see all of the design elements and items tie together and move at the command of the user is a labor of love. Solid apps require solid coding. We're constantly keeping up with the latest technologies and the best practices to make the code as solid as possible.

graphic design / UI

app planning